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Chemical Attack  designed Jehuty arrived !

HD re-master version was sold in year 2012. Popular KONAMI 's 『ZONE OF THE ENDERS』series, main role driving's orbital frame "Jehuty" will appear in RIOBOT ! This product is approved by  Mr. Shinkawa Youji, Prototype and design is followed by Chemical Attack ! This product doesn't not only have movable mechanism with smooth shape, but also have added movable detail.  All of these are full of Chemical Attack's feature. For coloring, in addition to pearl, metallic and mat color, detail lines are painted. Inside the body, some joints are made by alloy. Riobot high quality feeling was shown by this Jehuty !

[Amazon]      RIOBOT Jehuty     
[AmiAmi]  RIOBOT Jehuty 

Price: JPY 13,500
Go on sale: Sept, 2013
Size: ~160mm height
Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS, Diecast
Prototype: Chemical Attack (Wing) 
Accessory: Jehuty body, Rio-Broad (base), Long Rod, Homing missile x 4, Wisp x 3, Homing missile joint x 4, Wisp x 3, Long Sword, Orbit ring, Wing effect, Long rod holding part, open hand A, open hand B, close hand, Long rod holding hand
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