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「Shin Getter Robot  The last day of the world」Getter 1 is presented !
Sentinel x T-REX's power of 「Action」・「Transform」・「Gimmick」 are composited to create a simple outlook with effective usage of ABS, POM, ATBC-PVC, and Diecast item.  CAD design makes a stable and good new series part 3 called「Shin Getter Robot  The last day of the world」 Getter 1 present  ! Without losing the proportions cutting in round slices, whole body is movable. Especially eblow, it takes reference from Getter 3's arm design that it can be stretched. Full coloring body and high proportion of diecast make a heavy feeling outlook !


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Getter 1
Price JPY 10,290
Go on sale March, 2014
Size ~155mm height
Accessory ・Cloaks (cloth)
・Exchangable face
・Getter · Axe x 2
・Axe holding hand (left/right)
・Axe holding part
・Getter Machine gun x 2
・Machine Gun holding hand (left/right)
・Fist (left/right), Hand (left/right)
・Base parts, base
Material ABS, POM, ATBC-PVC, Diecast
© 1988 永井豪・石川賢/ダイナミック企画・「真ゲッターロボ」製作委員会