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 【Special Limited】「1/8  Levi (Osouji ver.)」is presented! 
Rivai inside the animate changes to cleaning style, 「Carrying Broom」's special version! 
Cloak is removable、Left & right hands are changable、Cleaning version face、 Towel、Broom×2 are the accessories。Head is designed to be movable, Eye slight can be adjusted to be 「Is glared」's feeling! 

This product is normal version、it can be pre-order ONLY in the following shops.

Pre-order in Animate (Shop, e-shop), Gamers, Stellaworth, Union Creative Online shop.

[Animate]1/8  Levi Osouji version 
[Gamers]1/8  Levi (Osouji version) 
[Stellaworth]1/8  Levi (Osouji version) 
[Union Creative Online Shop]1/8  Levi (Osouji version) 

BRAVE-ACT (Attack On Titan 1/8 scale figure series)
1/8 Levi (Osouji ver.)
Price JPY 9,240
Go on Sale January, 2014
Prototype maker Yuuki Ishiyama
Size ~200mm height
Accessory Base, Cloak, Changable hand (Left & Right), Cleaning face, Towel, Broom x 2
Material ATBC-PVC
PKG Windows display box
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